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Microsoft MDS

Microsoft MDS

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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Profisee's services are focused on rapid, short-term value around training and skills transfer—empowering customers in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible.



Microsoft MDS

Master Data Assessment

Microsoft MDS Assessment

Before beginning the development of an MDM solution, it is imperative to clearly identify where you are, where you want to go, and the first step for getting there. Leverage Profisee’s Master Data Assessment to ensure your first solution is a success.


  • Key business and technology stakeholders are brought in to share their current and long-term needs through Profisee’s master data questionnaire
  • Profisee analyzes questionnaires and interviews stakeholders to dive deeper into common challenges and needs
  • Existing systems and processes are documented
  • A set of sprints are defined to show the steps required to iteratively arrive at the desired state
  • The scope for your first MDM solution, Sprint 1, is defined, with a focus on bringing a solution to production quickly and delivering immediate business value
  • The final assessment is delivered, including estimates for implementation of Profisee’s Sprint offering


  • Setup: Microsoft MDS installed, configured and fully functional in client environment
  • Skills: Acquired knowledge through hands-on product experience and skills transfer
  • Solution: Ready-to-finish project foundation; fundamentals are delivered for production application, including data model, major roles and security settings, key business rules and tested integration schemas for Microsoft MDS.


  • MDM questionnaire
  • Master Data Assessment document
    • Questionnaire and interview results
    • Analysis by data domain
    • Recommendations
    • Sprint roadmap
    • Sprint 1 Planning
  • Current and future architecture diagram
  • Current and future process diagram

Profisee – A Trusted Advisor

Profisee was founded following the acquisition of Stratature by Microsoft in 2007. The management team at Profisee virtually wrote the book on MDM and built the MDM product now offered by Microsoft as Microsoft MDS.

Profisee’s Master Data Assessment is always provided by a Managing Consultant or higher—ensuring an extremely high-level of practical knowledge, experience and best-practices.

We know MDM. We know Microsoft MDS.

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Microsoft MDS
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Microsoft MDS