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Microsoft MDS
Master Data Maestro
Microsoft MDS

Master Data Maestro is an enterprise-grade master data management software suite designed to deliver powerful data stewardship and data quality capabilities to customers deploying multi-domain MDM solutions.

The Maestro suite delivers a best-in-class user interface to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity for data stewards, innovative large-volume match-merge capabilities for authoritative Golden Record Management, and integrated data quality services to verify and standardize location and contact data across domains. Combined together with Microsoft Master Data Services as a core platform, they provide a world-class out-of-the-box software solution for enterprise-grade master data management applications.

Multi-Domain MDM

Whether supporting business intelligence with analytical MDM, or high-volume ERPs with operational MDM, Maestro delivers the functionality and scalability to manage any domain—from customer, product and location, to employee, equipment and materials—all for one license fee within one product. [more]

Efficient Data Stewardship

Efficiently deliver the right data, to the right stewards, at just the right time. Personalized workspaces, custom workflows, cross-hierarchy navigation, intelligent slice/dice... Maestro provides a high-performance user experience designed for the data stewards that work with master data each and every day.

Golden Record Management

Deliver the best possible Golden Records in record time. Maestro GRM delivers sophisticated matching, de-duplication, mastering and harmonization specifically designed for large-scale master data domains. Whether managing thousands of employees and contracts, or tens of millions of customers and products, Maestro GRM provides a refreshingly simple solution to complex data duplication challenges. [more]

Data Quality Services

Profisee partners with world-leading providers to offer data services for more than 80 countries. Maestro delivers best-in-class data quality services for location and contact data at a fixed price and with no transaction fees. Address, Geocode, Name, Email, and Telephone verification and standardization are all packaged for out-of-the-box high-quality master data. [more]

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Maestro Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a full range of utilities and object templates to accelerate custom application implementation and integration. Leverage a single, performance-tuned API for all Microsoft MDS and Profisee Maestro Web services. Deliver sophisticated workflow, task focused Web interfaces, and custom integration with Maestro SDK. [more]

Industry Solutions

Nothing demonstrates Profisee’s knowledge of your business like Maestro’s dedicated Industry Solutions. Crafted from Profisee’s extensive real-world experience and collaboration with industry professional associations, Maestro Industry Solutions provide the fastest, lowest risk method for implementing MDM applications. Use an entire Industry Model as a springboard, or carefully select individual entities to complement your existing data modeling structure, or leverage Maestro’s ERwin integration for easy pick-and-mix custom modeling. [more]


Microsoft MDS
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Microsoft MDS