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Digital transformation and data management cross multiple departments. Single domain strategies are no longer relevant when planning your data management strategy. Profisee offers true Multi-Domain platform master data management.

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  • Finance
  • BI / Analytics
  • IT
  • Operations
  • Sales


C-Suite decision making and digital transformation must rely on data that is complete, but most importantly, shares consistent accuracy across all operational and analytical systems. Your technology investments involving data are critical to ensuring changing business models for growth, competitive advantage and risk management.

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A “single version of the truth” is elusive to most organizations because their reporting needs are complex. They require not only statutory reports, but also a myriad of management reports that provide additional detail and different perspectives.

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BI / Analytics

Despite significant investments in state-of-the-art analytics capabilities, many organizations struggle to answer the most basic of questions: “Who are my top 10 customers?” or “What is the total annual spend of my top customers?” Despite all the fancy graphs and interactive dashboards, organizations remain blind to the most fundamental insights.

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Many organizations are seeking to optimize IT costs and streamline business processes by consolidating systems and platforms. Although a logical approach, these projects are greatly complicated by the different semantics, data structures, and usage patterns that exist across the current heterogeneous IT ecosystem.

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Marketing professionals are awash in a flood of new tools, software and data offerings, often available on demand and as a service. These valuable assets hold great potential to transform marketing efforts, allowing for personalized targeting and marketing uplift like never before.

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Similar assets are often sourced from multiple suppliers and often managed across multiple systems. The net impact is that many organization struggle to continuously maintain complete visibility into asset availability, utilization, and inventory.

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Know your customer better than they know themselves. Customer relationships are for more complex than just individuals and the products they purchase. Unfortunately, customer engagement happens across multiple business lines and functions, which often are supported by different technology platforms. Understanding and solving this complexity is critical to top line growth, customer retention, upsell, and compliance.

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Financial Institutions

Monetize Compliance.
Maximize Margin.
Know Your Customer.

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Healthcare &
Life Sciences

Know Payers.
Enhance Providers.
Innovate Life Sciences.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Optimize Spend.
Transform Supply Chain.
Harness the Digital Factory.

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Insurance &

Monetize Data.
Manage the Channel.
Deliver New Offerings.

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Consumer Goods & Retail

Transform Omni-Channel.
Boost Sales.
Become Customer Advisor.

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Technology &

Lead Digital Transformation.
Accelerate M&A.
Connect All Devices.

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