Saturday, June 24, 2017
Master Data Accelerator

Microsoft MDS Accelerator

Many companies are now investigating the tremendous value offered by Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS). The fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to get started with Microsoft MDS is with Profisee’s Master Data Accelerator consulting service.

The primary goal of the Master Data Accelerator is to empower client self-sufficiency within 4-6 weeks—enabling clients to minimize cost and maximize efficiency of their MDM implementation.

The Master Data Accelerator is a customized service delivery tailored to specific client goals for MDM. Consisting of three primary phases—Methodology, Education and Prototype—the Master Data Accelerator rapidly delivers the fundamentals of an MDM implementation, while simultaneously ensuring clients procure the skills and training necessary to manage and maintain their own MDM initiative.

Some of the key benefits of Profisee’s Master Data Accelerator include:

  • MDS product installation, education and implementation
  • Ready-to-finish prototyped solution
  • Practical hands-on product experience
  • Fixed-price terms and timeline to eliminate risk and control cost
  • Inherited MDS self-sufficiency

What stays when we are gone?

  • Setup: MDS installed, configured, and fully functional in client environment
  • Skills: Acquired knowledge through hands-on product experience and skills transfer
  • Solution: Ready-to-finish project foundation; fundamentals are delivered for production application, including data model, major roles and security settings, key business rules, and tested integration schemas for Microsoft MDS.

Profisee – A Trusted Advisor

Profisee was founded following the acquisition of Stratature by Microsoft in 2007. The management team at Profisee virtually wrote the book on MDM and built the MDM product now offered by Microsoft as Microsoft MDS.

Profisee’s Master Data Accelerator is always provided by a Managing Consultant or higher— thus ensuring an extremely high-level of practical knowledge, experience and best-practices.

We know MDM. We know MDS.

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