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Case Studies
master data success story

For Domino’s, Maestro Delivers Customer Insight (as seen in OnWindows Autumn 2015 Issue)

When looking to improve its marketing strategies, Domino’s gained valuable insight into its customer base by harnessing the power of big data. Using Master Data Maestro, Domino’s was able to gain a single customer view from data embedded in one billion order transactions, then take all of that customer data, clean it, and match it up across transactions, to create a master record for each customer.

customer mdm

Technology Company Masters Big Data with Cloudera & Master Data Maestro

Over decades of developing industry-leading technology components, this Company has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to delivering technology and manufacturing leadership to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to power a wide variety of devices. This presents a data management and analytics challenge: How could the Company gain intelligence on how their components were performing based on sales of the OEM devices powered by those components?

maritime mdm

RightShip Relies on Master Data Maestro to Navigate Vessel Risk Mitigation

The dictionary defines vetting as “to subject somebody or something to a careful examination or scrutiny, especially when this involves determining suitability for something.” The responsibility for vetting ships to safely carry and deliver billions of tons of cargo in a single year involves collecting and analysing tremendous volumes of data – “big data,” by any definition. Just as it has for other industries, harnessing big data will provide big benefits to RightShip and their maritime customers.

healthcare mdm

Healthcare Provider Returns MDM to the Picture of Health with Maestro

With more than 14,000 employees, and over 900 physicians in over 90 medical specialties and subspecialties, master data management is key to keeping this Healthcare Provider at the forefront of the healthcare industry. Managing employee data across an organization this geographically and functionally diverse would be a challenge in any industry. It is especially so in the healthcare industry, where accurate, up-to-date information on the certifications, specialties and availability of employees is key.

master data success story

Association Management Firm Cleans Up Vendor Data Landscape with Maestro MDM

This leading community association management firm has served its clients with local knowledge, national resources, and comprehensive expertise for more than three decades. It was one of the first in the industry to embrace the use of computer technology in day-to-day operations from its founding. Even with its forward-looking technology focus, rapid growth across an ever-widening geography presented the firm with its own technology challenges, and they sought a master data management (MDM) solution for integrating processes, systems, and data across the organization.

master data success story

Leading Consultancy Company Engineers World-Class MDM Strategy with Maestro

One of the world’s largest engineering consultancies and among the world’s top 20 design firms by revenue, this leading design, engineering, and project management consultancy specializes in technically challenging and time-critical infrastructure projects. The organization faced a number of challenges in integrating their information services initially, primarily related to the inability to effectively manage organizational changes.

customer mdm

Customer Master Data Management

As a primarily B2B enterprise, this media and advertising company does business with global companies that utilize its broadcast media advertising properties such as digital billboards and kiosks, as well as broadcast and digital streaming radio channels. Unfortunately, information on their customers was dispersed across a number of disparate systems throughout the company, some being used for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), some being used for invoicing and order fulfillment, some being used for management of reference data.

master data success story

Construction Company Builds Solid Foundation for Customer & Product MDM

Like many companies whose primary growth stems from mergers and buyouts, this regional construction materials company’s master data was fragmented and disorganized so they turned to Profisee’s Master Data Maestro for help. In a matter of weeks, through hands-on training, solution development, and skills transfer with Profisee and 323 Technology Solutions, this company mastered their data and began revolutionizing their business process efficiency.

master data success story

Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company Manages Enterprise Data

Prior to a reorganization, this electrical equipment manufacturing company was disconnected, existing as eight separate companies. Consolidation was a daunting task with eight different ERP systems, product lists, and customer lists. They turned to Profisee partner BlumShapiro and pursued a master data management solution enabled by Microsoft Master Data Services and Profisee Master Data Maestro. Today the company is integrated and taking full advantage of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities they were once missing due to fragmentation.

supplier mdm

Supplier Master Data Management

Since its founding, the company has achieved considerable growth through the successful acquisition and integration of complementary and competitive businesses. These acquisitions augmented the company’s solutions and operations; they also presented the company with the challenge of integrating existing and acquired IT architectures, processes, systems, and data in a manner that would leverage information assets and maximize process efficiencies. To address this challenge, the company embarked on a dual-purpose master data endeavor.

facilities mdm

Facilities Master Data Management

Maintaining and managing information about their mix of facilities presents a significant challenge for the company. A recent merger compounded the problem, as they needed to consolidate all of the facilities data from both companies, identify which facilities would be kept and which would be sold, and determine what skill sets were associated with each facility. They were working with a legacy master facilities system that didn’t meet their business needs, couldn’t be easily modified, and wouldn’t be updated going forward.

member mdm

Member Master Data Management

With the advent of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, this health insurance company is taking steps to ensure compliance with the ACA’s mandated reforms.Beginning in 2014, most Americans must have a minimum amount of health plan coverage, or face a tax penalty. To facilitate access and affordability, the ACA establishes health insurance "marketplaces" – Health Care Exchanges – with coverage choices for individuals and families.


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