Saturday, June 24, 2017
Boost Data Steward Productivity with the Maestro User Interface

Master Data Maestro efficiently delivers the right master data, to the right data stewards, at just the right time. Personalized workspaces, custom workflows, cross-hierarchy navigation, intelligent slice/dice... Maestro provides a high-performance user experience designed for the data stewards that work with master data each and every day.


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Boost Data Steward Productivity :: Maestro User Interface

Welcome to the Profisee Master Data Maestro showcase. The Maestro Suite Extends the Microsoft MDS platform in a multitude of ways -- from productivity boosting functions such as in-grid copy/paste, to data quality capabilities such as real-time matching and mastering. This video will focus on the most popular user interface enhancements for efficient data management.

The Entity view provides immediate access to master data, whether the 114,000 product records we just opened, or hundreds of millions of customer records. All attributes are instantly available (pending security permissions); as are public groups for all users, and personal groups for your own organization purposes.

With Maestro Workspaces you can sort, filter, hide, rearrange, and personalize your views. Open multiple models, such as Product, Customer, Employee, or Location, as well as multiple Entities and Hierarchies -- all at the same time. Navigating your master data has never been easier. Maestro enables efficient mass updates and edits -- changing from a  dozen, to hundreds of records in a single operation.

Deferred publishing of mass changes prevents inadvertent changes and highlights pending changes as you go. Undo and redo quickly restore values accordingly. Publish mass edits at once when ready. Personalize tabs and layout for optimal visibility and access. With everything "just right", save your Maestro Workspace for use later and/or distribute to others.

Workspaces retain all personalization elements -- from sorting, filtering, and attribute order, to available tabs, private groups and layout arrangements -- to provide the fastest data access and most efficient data management for an optimal user experience.

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