Saturday, June 24, 2017
Single View of Data :: Best-in-Class Matching

A cleansed single view of master data is the foundation for ensuring accuracy and consistency across business transactions, reports and analysis. Maestro’s matching engine delivers best-in-class accuracy, along with myriad tools to finesse and fine-tune results – all with no coding or scripting required.


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Matching Master Data with Master Data Maestro

Welcome to the Profisee Master Data Maestro showcase. Maestro delivers an accurate and reliable single view of your corporate master data. At Profisee, we refer to this as Golden Record Management, or GRM.

GRM represents a fully integrated system that Cleanses, Matches, Masters and Harmonize master data. Each process builds upon the others to deliver the most accurate and reliable Golden Records possible. This video focuses on a critical component of GRM: Matching data in Maestro.

Almost every piece of valuable information in an organization is identified, calculated, stored, retrieved, analyzed, reported and utilized based on its categorization by master data. A cleansed single view of master data is the foundation for ensuring accuracy and consistency across business transactions, reports and analysis. Therefore, we are presented with the challenge to Get It all Clean initially, and then at the pace of business Keep It all Clean continually.

Let’s pick up the GRM process in the midst of the “Get it Clean” procedure, with Matching. The first step in the Matching Process is to reduce the noise with synonym lists, which significantly improve matching accuracy.

The next step is building out the matching strategy. To do this we define the logic for matching records together. Maestro’s multi-step matching strategies use a layered approach by allowing you to set up a series of attribute sets as matching criteria.

Now let’s process the matching strategy. With that done, we’ll take a look at the Matching Results. A dashboard provides quick review and analysis of how your Matching Strategy has performed. When it’s time to clean-up your proposed matches, you have the opportunity to approve or reject members in the context of their match groups. And these manual assignments live on. The Maestro matching engine improves upon itself by recalling manual assignments it has Seen Before, and reapplying or proposing those exceptions the next time similar records are detected. The ability to rapidly match records at the pace of business by incrementally de-duping new data against Masters (for example – Lookup Before Create) is critical to real-time operational MDM. This is at the Heart of the “Keep it Clean” procedure.

While Maestro provides the most accurate matching engine available, it also allows for a transparent view as to how the matches were assigned and a full set of tools to finesse and fine-tune the results. This full visibility into the matching process instills trust and confidence that your Master data is authoritative and reliable.

Getting your data clean is only half the battle… Keeping it clean is how you win the war with Master Data Maestro.

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