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Master Data Maestro Suite

Master Data Maestro is an enterprise-grade master data management software suite designed to deliver powerful data stewardship and data quality capabilities to customers deploying multi-domain MDM solutions.

The Maestro suite delivers a best-in-class user interface to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity for data stewards, innovative large-volume match-merge capabilities for authoritative Golden Record Management, and integrated data quality services to standardize and verify location and contact data across domains. Combined together with Microsoft Master Data Services as a core platform, they provide a world-class out-of-the-box software solution for enterprise-grade master data management applications.

Master Data Maestro - MDM Platform

Multi-domain MDM

Maestro customers worldwide are tackling data quality and master data challenges related to customers, patients, providers, products, locations, employees, accounts, assets, equipment, suppliers, claims, contracts, and on and on. Whether it is your first master data domain, or your tenth, Master Data Maestro provides a true multi-domain platform to manage any domain and support integration with any enterprise systems.

Support business intelligence & hierarchy management with analytical MDM; maintain high-volume ERPs with real-time operational MDM. Master Data Maestro delivers all the functionality needed for enterprise-grade MDM—all for one license fee, within one product. [more]

User Experience & Productivity

There are two key drivers of value realization with enterprise MDM: efficient implementation and a productive user experience. For rapid user acceptance and ramp-up to operational productivity, Maestro Desktop provides expertly designed out-of-the-box user interfaces for the power data stewards, and Maestro SDK and Workflow provide the tools to create task-specific workflow-centric interfaces to transparently initiate, orchestrate and manage tasks among “casual” users.

The shorter the learning curve, the better the user experience, and the more readily users accept and embrace the system, driving a rapid return on investment. Available services such as Profisee’s MDS Accelerator deliver a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Master Data Services and MDM by combining classroom learning, practical workshops, design sessions, implementation assignments and best-practice reviews. [more]

Data Quality

Standardizing and verifying data is a valuable factor of improving the accuracy of data match results, as well as ensuring that addresses are properly formatted for postal delivery and enhanced with carrier route and delivery point codes to reduce the cost of bulk mailing. However, third party correction/standardization services typically run in isolation and require per-record processing fees.

Maestro Data Quality Services are fully integrated with your MDM platform and provide address verification, deliverability validation, and geocoding on a global basis. Contact data for certain markets can be further standardized and validated to ensure accuracy of contact name, email domain, and telephone data. Delivering customer golden records to the enterprise has never been so easy, or affordable! [more]

Golden Record Management

Successful Golden Record Management depends on clean data, better matching, better user experience & scalability. Master Data Maestro is a refreshingly simple solution to complex large-volume data cleansing, de-duplication and consolidation problems.

Profisee provides easy-to-use Golden Record Management functionality out-of-the-box: matching, de-duplication, mastering, and record harmonization are just a few of the powerful features that come standard with Maestro Golden Record Management. Best in class matching accuracy with a world-class user experience; welcome to Maestro GRM. [more]

Software Development Kit & Custom Applications

The Maestro SDK is designed to address challenges encountered when integrating an MDM solution into a larger enterprise environment. These include integrating your master data directly with applications, or with an enterprise service bus, on a real-time basis, and providing a more tailored experience for casual data stewards in support of your data governance processes.

In the past, addressing these needs required time-consuming custom development against the native Web services provided by MDS, which could produce mixed success. The SDK provides a toolset that helps solve these complex challenges with reduced cost and minimized risk. [more]

Workflow & Collaboration

Master data management should be driven by an enterprise-wide governance policy that defines the processes through which master data should be managed, and assigns data ownership and stewardship responsibilities. Maestro provides an enterprise-class workflow capability that supports the implementation and enforcement of such governance policies.

With Maestro Workflow, you gain the benefits of real-time processing; complex business process modeling that supports custom collaborative scenarios; workflow status visibility; and dynamic workload management, allowing you to amend processes as warranted, based on actual workflow performance. [more]


Accelerate your MDM implementation by using Integrator to easily integrate MDM with your business systems, delivering increased value via improved data quality and processes.

Packaged Application and Data Service Connectors provide codeless integration with the systems and services that run your businesses, such as Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, Azure DW, SQL Server, Active Directory, Dun & Bradstreet, Google Maps, and many more. [more]

Industry Solutions & Data Models

Maestro Industry Solutions are best-in-class master data management models crafted from Profisee’s extensive real-world experience and collaboration with professional associations in your industry.

Maestro Industry Solutions provide the fastest, lowest risk method for implementing MDM applications. Use an entire Industry Model as a springboard, or carefully select individual entities to complement your existing data modeling structure, or leverage Maestro’s ERwin integration for easy pick-and-mix custom modeling. [more]

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