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Master Data Governance & Stewardship

Provide stewards with the right application to get the job done

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Efficient Data Stewardship

The value of an MDM program is directly related to the presence of a thriving data stewardship community, whose actions are directed by governance. Data stewardship is not one size fits all, with organizations having a variety of stewardship user communities, and governance holding them accountable. The Profisee platform plays a key role in this interplay between governance and stewardship. Profisee makes data management approachable for business data stewards, with analytics providing feedback to governance for measurement of progress. For data administrators, Profisee provides powerful features allowing them to “go anywhere and do anything.” The Profisee Platform provides the right tool for the right job for the right audience.

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Profisee provides stewards with the right application to get the job done

Master Data Applications

Define prescribed applications for business data stewards that are uniquely tailored to their responsibilities and needs. Delivered over the web via the Profisee Portal, master data applications hide the underlying complexities of the MDM solution, creating an intuitive user experience that boosts productivity and delivers business value.

Proactive Data Stewardship

Don’t rely on data stewards to find data quality issues, instead, leverage the platform to prompt data stewards to complete tasks and resolve data quality issues on a proactive basis. Email notifications with links provide the ability for stewards to fix items quickly and easily.




Master Data Administration

Enable power users, often those that have MDM in their job title, the ability to perform complex edits to master data. Perform mass edits, import data in bulk, and solution configuration are all provided for those that are qualified and require powerful functionality for complex needs.

Analytics and Metrics

Only that which is measured is improved. Profisee provides a fully featured reporting and analytics capability, natively in the platform. Track and trend progress over time, understand who is doing their job and create accountability. Profisee Analytics provides real-time visibility for governance, enabling them to not just define responsibilities, but hold data stewards accountable.

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  • The Profisee MDM platform provides exactly what we are looking for."

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    ―Slobodan R.

    "MDM made straightforward for enterprise level initiatives."

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    ―IT Enterprise Architect

    "Very affordable and user friendly. Great for modeling big data domains."

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    ―User in Higher Education

  • "Great end-to-end product to make MDM easier for organizations."

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    ―Internal Consultant

    "Quick way to establish an MDM discipline. Software was easy to implement and manage."

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    ―Director of Business Intelligence

    "Proactive business partner, straight forward implementations, excellent vision"

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    ―Business Intelligence Manager

  • "The price is right and the technical support is competent."

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    ―BI Analyst

    "Excellent integration with common platforms.Superb enterprise data management platform."

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    ―User in Accounting

    "The best thing about the software is the UI, it is very nice and clear. It is very easy to understand."

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    ―Administrator in Computer Software

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