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Metadata Management Tools

Provide easy access and management of the definitions, descriptions, and associations that describe your master data

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Master Data Dictionary

Creating and maintaining a central definition of metadata for your MDM solution (commonly referred to as a data dictionary) helps enable governance and provides a self-service model for MDM stakeholders navigating your MDM solution. The MetaModel provides a simple out of the box solution for capturing metadata and making it available for consumption by MDM stakeholders. Profisee’s MetaModel provides business users with easy access and management of the definitions, descriptions, and associations that describe your master data application. As your master data solution evolves, MetaModel automatically synchronizes metadata changes, ensuring stakeholders always have the most up to date information.

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Simple Configuration

MetaModel captures all core metadata elements, including Models, Versions, Entities, Attributes, Attribute Groups, Hierarchies, Business Rules, Subscription Views, Flags, Users, User Groups, and Security Assignments. The MetaModel is extensible, allowing you to define and maintain additional metadata elements for your solutions, and all changes are logged for auditing purposes. Understand how changes will impact the systems that manage data in your Enterprise.

Metadata Management

Profisee’s MetaModel is managed as an MDM model, allowing users to manage metadata the same way they manage master data. Use the same business rules and workflows you use to manage master data to drive the management of metadata.




Drive Value

Understand all the systems that cooperate to deliver information to your enterprise, and how data in one system maps to another system and their interaction. Capture information about systems such as business and technical owners, vendors, support contacts.


All basic metadata generated by Profisee is automatically captured by the Metamodel, and the Metamodel can be extended just like any other data model to meet your business requirements. Support your Governance function by defining which systems have business processes when change occurs.

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