Saturday, June 24, 2017
Profisee MetaModel

When managing master data, business users need one stop shopping for the information necessary to understand their Master Data Management solution, often referred to as metadata.

Profisee MetaModel provides a centralized and accessible metadata solution (commonly referred to as a data dictionary) which enables governance to define and manage metadata, and MDM stakeholders to easily access and consume it via a self-service model for navigating your MDM solution.

Enable data governance and drive standards using Profisee’s MetaModel for master data.

Profisee’s MetaModel enables business users to easily access and manage the definitions, descriptions, and associations that describe a master data application as it evolves, ensuring stakeholders always have the most up to date information.

Profisee’s MetaModel is managed as just another MDM model, allowing all of Profisee’s master data management capabilities to be leveraged for metadata management as well.

The MetaModel captures all core metadata elements, including Models, Versions, Entities, Attributes, Attribute Groups, Hierarchies, Business Rules, Subscription Views, Flags, Users, User Groups, and Security Assignments. Metadata definitions can be extended to support additional metadata elements for a given solution.

Get full visibility into your MDM solution with Profisee MetaModel.

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