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Industry Models

Maestro Industry Models are best-in-class master data management models crafted from Profisee’s extensive real-world experience and collaboration with professional associations in your industry. Maestro Industry Solutions provide the fastest, lowest risk method for implementing MDM applications. Use an entire Industry Model as a springboard, or carefully select individual entities to complement your existing data modeling structure, or leverage Maestro’s ERwin integration for easy pick-and-mix custom modeling.

Maestro Industry Solutions continue to grow, currently spanning the healthcare, hospitality & gaming, insurance, oil & gas, and retail industries. Working directly with professional associations, industry reference data providers, and focused steering committees, our industry models are purpose-built to fit your own unique business model and specialized market segment.

Each industry model is designed to fit and augment your company's unique strengths and business processes. The structure of your organization, the products you sell, the customers you sell them to, your marketing and operations processes, and the workflow connecting your enterprise together—these unique factors form the core of your competitive advantage. Profisee ensures these unique qualities are leveraged and reinforced by the master data industry models we provide.

Please explore one of our established vertical industries in more detail, or contact us to discuss the master data and data quality challenges you face in your own industry and how Profisee can help you make dramatic improvements in your business through an established MDM Center of Excellence.

Microsoft MDS & Master Data Maestro Healthcare Industry Model


The Healthcare industry is currently experiencing a dramatic shift as standardization and regulation force every corner of the industry to adapt their processes to the efficient information age.

Microsoft MDS & Master Data Maestro Hospitality & Gaming Industry Model

Hospitality & Gaming

The Hospitality & Gaming industry is dominated by lists of tables, games, equipment, licenses, regulations, and people. Many complex systems are required for day-to-day transactional data management.

Microsoft MDS & Master Data Maestro Insurance Industry Model


The Insurance industry is a competitive and highly regulated that relies on intensive data management and analysis to understand and spread risk while managing significant investments.

Microsoft MDS & Master Data Maestro Oil & Gas Industry Model

Oil & Gas

As the Oil & Gas industry has matured and demand for products has grown, it has become increasingly important to manage the complex processes of the exploration, production, and delivery systems.

Microsoft MDS & Master Data Maestro Retail Industry Model


The Retail industry is an industry increasingly reliant on customer relationships and managing margins. A clear view of customers, products, and stores allows efficient management of the business.


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