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Mar 18, 2019
The concept of placing value on data has been around since data was being collected electronically. But in 1990 Gartner’s Doug Laney explored the concept of infonomics that proposed a method to determining the value of a company’s data.
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Mar 11, 2019
Companies rely on their data to answer difficult questions about any and all of their essential business entities for analytics purposes.
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Mar 04, 2019
Managing enterprise data is a key responsibility for today’s CIO because there is so much of it in so many formats.
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Feb 25, 2019
Data monetization is about achieving direct financial results from having access to data that is stored, maintained, classified and made accessible in an optimal manner.
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Feb 18, 2019
Past experience has taught most data managers that the number of big data projects on their lists will only continue to grow.
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Feb 11, 2019
For business intelligence to produce reliable results, you need high-quality data.
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Feb 04, 2019
The rapid growth and success of the data analytics field has a dark side.
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Jan 29, 2019
Digital transformation is on the agenda at almost every enterprise. Let’s take a closer look at how different master data domains in your MDM strategy contribute to digital transformation:
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Jan 22, 2019
Bad data is more than an inconvenience.
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Jan 15, 2019
With stats flying around every day about how much new data is being generated by Internet of Things (IoT), social media, mobile devices and the cloud, it is no wonder that we feel swept up in this digital wave and feel there is no easy way to swim out.
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