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Learn How To Integrate With Dynamics in your MDM Implementation

There are many benefits to using the Profisee Platform to master customer data for use in Dynamics CRM and other organizational systems. The Profisee Platform leverages the Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS) base platform, delivered as part of SQL Server, to provide a seamless enterprise-level MDM platform. The Dynamics CRM Connector was specifically created to deliver powerful data stewardship and data quality capabilities to customers deploying Dynamics CRM, and to support the rapid transfer of data from Dynamics CRM into Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS).

Key to the rapid implementation and expedited time-to-value of a Dynamics CRM implementation, the Profisee Platform Integrator provides direct, codeless systems integration, giving users the ability to integrate their Dynamics CRM instances directly into the Profisee Platform for cleaning, de-duplicating and mastering, without the need for a data bus.* Since the integration can be performed without coding, companies eliminate the need for lengthy IT projects or expensive consulting services. Systems integrators make a nice living coding integration projects, but coding leads to risks – risks in correct interpretation of requirements, risks of incorrect coding, risks in testing. A codeless integration, on the other hand, provides the same benefits of Dynamics CRM: The user – who is most familiar with functional requirements – takes control and can easily change field mappings without the need for any coding whatsoever.

In addition to lowering risk and improving system acceptance and results, this “codeless” integration reduces time-to-production and significantly lowers up-front implementation costs. As a result, companies realize faster time-to-value and lower maintenance overhead.

*If a company already has a data bus, Profisee Integrator can leverage it, but for most companies direct codeless integration is key.

About the Author

Megan Gregory

Sales and marketing 'jackie of all trades' professional with over twenty years of experience in growing customer relationships in data management.




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