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Master Data Roadmap

Master Data Roadmap

Based on feedback from our own customers, struggles creating a new MDM program have less to do with technology, and more to do with people. For organizations looking to strategically invest in an enterprise wide MDM initiative, Profisee’s Roadmap leverages our most experienced consultants to work with your organization to develop a long-term strategic roadmap and plan, with depth beyond a Discover Assessment.

This begins with understanding the strategy of your organization, and meeting with various stakeholders across business functions. Working with your key sponsors, Profisee will help formulate a plan across all major aspects of a new MDM solution, from the formation of a data governance program, to selecting the best initial implementation style, and even making key decision in regard to technology and architecture.

In the end, this investment helps garner the support necessary to successfully launch a cross functional MDM program.

  • Reduces MDM program risk via business engagement
  • Avoids false starts by creating a right-sized governance program
  • Ensures alignment of governance (the business) and technology (IT)
  • Establishes long-term support for a strategic investment
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  • Executive Summary and Presentation
  • Detailed findings and recommendations across Profisee’s six MDM disciplines:
    Organization, Standards, Process, Technology, Measurement, Governance
  • Recommended governance organization structure and processes
  • Long term progression, towards the right level of MDM maturity
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