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As a highly regulated industry, it can be difficult for insurance companies to innovate to increase market share and address ever changing customer expectations. Leading organizations have invested in delivering key information insights to their leadership in order allow them to manage to risk adjusted profitability, introduce new and compelling services and offerings, and to exceed customer expectations.

Understand complex relationships: Untangling the complex web of customer relationships across products and offerings is not only key to delivering compelling offers and increasing share of wallet – it can also be critical for managing risk and monitoring for fraud. Unfortunately, customer relationships can be for more complex than simple household: A single policy holder can also be a beneficiary to other policies, can also be a partner in a corporate-held policy, and can also be a trustee for a named trust. If data were both simple and consistent, connecting these dots would potentially be quite simple. Sadly, data tends to not only be input in inconsistent manners, but as information changes over time, the disparity of data across systems tends to increase, making the job of untangling complex relationships nearly impossible.

Profisee enables insurers to automate the process of connecting the dots, even when information is incomplete or inconsistent. Leveraging best-in-class fuzzy matching, Profisee automates the process of recognizing entities and relationships that would otherwise require human intervention.

Member MDM with Profisee



With changes resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), this health insurance company needed better visibility into past and present insured members to determine the appropriate plans and pricing for the new Health Care Exchanges.


Integrated Profisee with multiple active and legacy applications containing member data, allowing the company to gain a complete history of members, across multiple different health plans and employers.


With a clearer picture of the demographics of the insured population, the company was able to better predict the appropriate pricing for plans offered on the new Health Care Exchanges.

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A global firm uses Profisee to migrate vendor and customer data to SAP, and centralize ongoing creation and maintenance of their business relationships.


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