Saturday, June 24, 2017
User Experience & Productivity

Efficient Data Stewardship

Efficiently deliver the right data, to the right stewards, at just the right time. Personalized workspaces, custom workflows, cross-hierarchy navigation, intelligent slice/dice... Maestro provides a high-performance user experience designed for the data stewards that work with master data each and every day.

Power Data Stewards

At the heart of any MDM application is a small group of Subject Matter Experts. These SMEs are your power data stewards. They are the very foundation of data management and governance, driving the success of an application. They spend a lot of time with the MDM UI, working on a lot of records, handling frequent updates, entering and managing data on a large scale. To ensure a productive user experience for your power data stewards, you need personalized, reusable views of data, and the ability to do mass updates, imports, and edits. No other product matches Master Data Maestro’s out-of-the-box capabilities for the power data steward, with expertly designed user interfaces for managing any task: profiling, business rules, security, filtering, personalization, matching and survivorship, reporting, and production operations.

Casual Data Stewards

Second only to the core SME group is a broad group of business users, or “casual” data stewards. These users are often contributors or subscribers to your company’s data. The nature of their role is one of infrequent interaction with the data, so they need direction; they need impetus whenever their input is required; they need well-designed workflow steps to facilitate their participation. For these users, Maestro SDK and Workflow enable you to create a workflow-centric interface with very specific forms, web portals, and so on, to transparently initiate and orchestrate required tasks across users in multiple departments, while moving work through the process as efficiently as possible, without gaps or delays.

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